Saturday, 9 July 2016

Colourful Inspiration

Hi everyone, it's me again. Today I thought I would talk about decorating your room in an inspirational way. Last year I did a big room revamp, which is an activity I often do. Why, you might ask?  Well I hate having the same feeling every time I walk into my bedroom. Boring! :(  So anyway, on this particular revamp mum and I had an idea. We thought we could cut or print out all my favourite quotes and pics and stick them on the wall. Now I have a section of my wall completely covered in 'inspiration' as I like to call it. Sometimes it is just nice to sit and look at it or read it.

My walls...

Also after we had finished that we were inspired by this idea and pondered where else in the house we could 'inspire'. We decided the toilet. I mean come on, toilets are always boring, but when there is something on the wall I find I always read it over and over again. So when something 'inspiring' is there, a quote for example, a good or powerful message is being stuck into your head every time you read it.

Toilet wall...

I hope this inspired you to think about your room or home. If you have already done something similar that is awesome you can let me know by commenting.

~Fizzy~ xo