Sunday, 10 July 2016

Back To School Bullies and Nasties

Hi everyone. I know some of you might be worried about going back to school because you have either been bullied or people are nasty to you. Lets face it some kids are just plain mean. Everyone in their life has had someone be nasty or bully them. Unfortunately, it is just a fact of life. At times you might feel like the world is going to end. Sometimes you even believe what the bully says.

Here are some tips for you that might help:
  • Ignore them.
  • Don't let them know it is bothering you.
  • Talk to an adult if it gets worse.
  • Don't hang around with them.
  • Remember that the bully is insecure and is only being mean to make themselves feel powerful.
  • You don't deserve it so keep out of their way.

Don't put up with bullies. Remember that what they are saying is not true and it is their problem, not yours. Go back to school with a positive face on, stand up for yourself and most of all talk to an adult if you are not coping. If you need more help or advice, check out this website.


~Fizzy~ xo

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