Monday, 2 April 2018

Trigger Warning

Jack and Lucy sit at the back of the classroom during maths, talking, Jack looking up every ten seconds to check that the teacher was still busy writing on the board. "I hate maths, it is soooo deadly boring," Lucy whispered. He winked  at her just as the door banged open with a deafening crash. The teacher dropped her piece of chalk her mouth forming into a perfect 'O' shape. A wide-eyed man held a rifle in front of him finger resting on the trigger. Lucy screamed. It was the last sound Jack would ever hear come out of her mouth. She fell to the ground with a crash never to complain to him about maths ever again. Never again.

In the USA citizens are allowed to carry guns as part of their everyday lives as declared in the Bill of Rights. Anyone can walk into a store such as Walmart (like K-mart for Australians) and buy a gun, yes just like that. Living in Australia, this notion seems completely ludicrous however in the USA it is considered completely normal. On February 14th 2018 a horrific school shooting took place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Seventeen people were killed and seventeen more were wounded, making it one of the deadliest school massacres that had taken place in the USA. It is upsetting to think that something of such extremity has taken place on multiple other occasions. Seven-thousand pairs of shoes were placed outside the US Capitol to remember all the children that were killed by gun violence since the Sandy-Hook Massacre in 2012. Seven-thousand kids is too many, such a dramatic loss of lives for something that can be so easily fixed if these people hadn't pulled the trigger.

This must be stopped! But what seems like a simple change to the law is actually much more complicated. The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution protects the right of people to keep and bear arms. It was adopted by the American people on December 15, 1791. That was centuries ago and the law was made in the context of that time. An unwillingness to step back and consider significant changes to the law is resulting in the loss of innocent lives. It doesn't have to be this way, although it may seem impossible to change from the inside. The NRA (National Rifle Association) were and still are big supporters for the campaigning of the US's current president Donald Trump. Their influence in the presidency of Donald Trump is significant, they spent over 11 million dollars in donations to the campaign and invested a further 19 million to oppose Hillary Clinton. Their power and influence play a significant part in this debate.

Approximately 3534 people have been killed by 
guns so far THIS YEAR [2018] in the USA!  

However, there now seems to be a mood for change. Students all over America are walking out of their schools to protest and fight against gun laws. 'March For Our Lives' is a group of young people who oppose these laws and want change. So many young people all over the country are standing up and saying enough and I am joining you. I am not a student in the United States, but even though I may not be there, even though you can't see me, I want you to know that I am walking alongside you. I am only 14. The children that were killed that day were around the same age as me and to put myself in that situation, in their family's situations, makes me cry. My thoughts are with all the families and friends of the children that were killed that day and I want you all to know that my heart goes out to you and I hope that you can find strength in such a dreadful time.

You may think that I have no right in voicing my opinion because I am not a US citizen, however I am a human being and from the outside all I can see is a stubborn argument, self interest and far too much unnecessary death. The idea that children attending school are regularly shot at is mind-blowing to anyone outside of the US. We are scared to step foot inside your country. The government says that citizens need guns to protect themselves, however if there were no guns in the first place they wouldn't need to protect themselves. In 1996 Australia had a mass shooting where 35 people were killed. That was it for us, gun laws were immediately put in place to restrict gun ownership and unsurprisingly, we are all functioning well without our guns. 

To conclude, I would say to the American government; I hope you realise that this should not be about power, but rather it is about protecting your citizen's lives rather than their right to have guns. To the school kids; Keep fighting and stay strong. This is something that must be stopped now because so many innocent people's lives are at risk. I may only be a child, I may not live in America, I may (luckily) not be affected by this problem, but I am a person, a citizen of this world who wants to see a brighter future. We all stand together and everyone needs to speak up for change.

 I have thought long and hard about writing this article but in the end I felt that as a young person it is important to have a voice in things that matter. If I have offended anyone, I'm sorry. 


Monday, 5 March 2018

I'M BACK!!!! and a Quirky Quote

First off, I'm sorry that I have been soooo inactive lately, I will try to be better in the future. I just though I would share a quote with you, so here it is...

I love this quote and I think that it is incredibly important that we realise that we have to work for what we want to achieve in life. I am entering the stage of school where heaps of assessments come flooding to me so I may not post much. I know that by putting time in to my studies now and working hard, it will pay off when I try to achieve my dreams later on in life.

I hope to post on the holidays because I hope to be doing some interesting things. Just before I go I thought I'd show you this picture I took of a cloud recently. I think it looks kind of like a chicken, let me know what you think in the comments.

Anyway, I hope to be posting again soon, and remember it is not too late to send me your interview answers. 


Friday, 5 January 2018

Interview with Liz from 'Home With Hummingbirds'

Hi again everyone, I have yet another interview from Liz from 'Home With Hummingbirds'. I hope you enjoy it. 

About Liz:

Hi, I'm Liz, a home schooled girl living in California, my blog is Home With Hummingbirds

1. What was your inspiration to start blogging?

I was reading one of my favourite books and the girl in it started a blog. I thought it looked really fun so I decided to try it!

2. What message do you hope to share through your blog?
Well my blog is mainly for fun but I guess I just want to brighten up people's day a bit and make them happier. ☺

3. What do you like about blogging?
I love interacting with people and talking to them through comments and sharing my photography with them.

4. What do you want to be when you grow up? What are your dreams for the future?
Honestly I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. I'll cross that bridge when I get there. 😜 Dreams for the future? I hope to grow my blog a little bit and keep blogging.
5. If you could change one thing about our world what would it be?
That's a really hard question, there's so many sad things in the world right now. Maybe if I could change one thing it would be to take away homelessness, it's always so depressing to see people like that.

6. What is your favourite hobby?
I really enjoy blogging, that's definitely one of my hobbies, but I also like baking and reading, but I don't know which is my favourite. I also play piano and have been for 6 years.

7. What have been your highlights of 2017?
Well I started blogging, that was definitely big, I also went to LA over the summer!

* * *

I really hope you guys enjoyed this interview and remember it is not too late to send your own answers. 


My Interview on 'A Happy Little Bookworm'

I was recently interviewed by Mia from 'A Happy Little Bookworm'. If you are interested in reading the interview be sure to visit her blog.

You can read the article here.

If you'd like to read my interview with Mia you can check it out here on Quirky Girl Studio. Don't forget if you'd like to be interviewed for this blog send me an email or comment below.


Friday, 22 December 2017

Interview with Emily from 'The Island of Me'

Hi Everyone, Below are answers for my survey that Emily from ‘The Island of Me’ has kindly answered. 
About Emily:
I am a 13-year-old girl living in New Zealand’s lovely country-side. I’ve just finished Year 8 at a small country Primary School and am going to an all girls high school next year. I love animals and own many. I also run and hope to (dream big world) go to the Olympics one day running the 5000m and the 3000m steeple chase (told you to dream big!). I also write and hope to one day publish a novel. I started blogging last year when I was home schooled and it has just become a hobby.
1. What was your inspiration to start blogging?
Dad asked me to start blogging to share what I did as my schooling last year. I think that the main things that inspired me to keep blogging from there was that it let me interact with people from around the world and make new friends. I also liked sharing my views on the world. I’m inspired by all the other bloggers out there I think.
2. What message do you hope to share through your blog?
Another tricky one. I hope to share the message that just being yourself is the most important thing. You can’t be someone who you either look up to or are jealous of without ruining yourself. I think that many people want to do things the way others want to and like what they like to be popular or liked. But when others realise this is just a cover they don’t like them. If you’re yourself then people are more likely to like you since you can’t surprise them by being someone else and not the person they thought you were. I also want people to know that I do look up to others and what they do is not something I want to be, it’s just something that inspires me to be more myself. I mainly look up to Emma Watson and Emma Coburn. How odd, both Emma’s! 🙂
3. What do you like about blogging?
As I said in the brief, I like interacting with others and making new friends. I also like sharing my views and what I do. I love meeting people from all over the world and finding people who follow me who live places where I’d like to visit. I love sharing what I learn with others and finding out new things from them.
4. What do you wan’t to be when you grow up? What are your dreams for the future?
I said this in the brief too. I really hope to be able to go to the Olympics as a runner and do my country proud, even just representing NZ would be amazing. I’d also like to publish a novel, the novel I’m working on now, which was called Happy but now doesn’t have a name. My one huge educational goal is to become an anaesthetist.
5. If you could change one thing about our world what would it be?
Tough. There’s a lot I would change. Cancer, poverty, war, illness, depression, suicide, murders. The list goes on. One thing though. Hard. The first three are the most important to me, but I don’t know. One? Probably cancer. I’d like there to be a cure for cancer. It’s so hard. I know! Can I say I want all things horrible to be stopped and cured, bar death because death is horrible, but without it, overpopulation and we’d kill each other. Is that one? Otherwise, yeah, a cure to cancer
Just to share a fact on that, did you know that Japan and Russia are still at war? World War II that is. They didn’t sign a contract that called the war off, so World War II is still going!
6. What is your favourite hobby?
I’ve got so many hobbies! I crochet, cross stitch, play piano, go to school (a hobby!), cook, do gymnastics (at school), look after animals and run. There are probably more. Hang on, I write stories and poems and read. Yeah, a lot to choose. I also blog. Blogging, writing and running would have to be my favourites. I do all heaps. The running I do almost everyday, the writing the same. The blogging, not so much. So running and writing. They’re both stress relieving, can be difficult and are both definitely very fun to do (on occasion they can be difficult, but not often.).
7. What have been your highlights of 2017?
My highlight of 2017? There are so, so, so many. I have to say, there are some that really stick out though. Probably coming 7th in the HB Year 8 Cross Country Championships, 4th in the HB 1500m Athletic Championships, winning HB Mathletics with Ben and Hannah at school, winning my scale drawing competition, getting Reserve Champion Pet Calf with Cleo. Getting Dux of School last Wednesday. I don’t know. Probably winning Mathletics and Dux, they’re both very amazing achievements. I’ll have to put my ‘I Remember…’ piece of writing for school on here, show you guys how much fun it was. My year, it was all amazing, there were ups and downs to it, but overall, I’d have to say I had amazing fun and really enjoyed myself.
I hope you enjoy reading this. Stay tuned for more interviews. It is not to late for you to send me your own answers.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Interview with Mia from ‘A Happy Little Bookworm’

Hi Everyone, in my last post I asked people to answer my survey because it is interesting to get to know other bloggers. Below are answers completed by Mia from ‘A happy little bookworm’.

A Happy Little Bookworm is a book blog run by avid reader, Mia, or Happywhale as she is known on her Wordpress site. Mia frequently posts book reviews, book lists and takes part in book blogging memes popular around the blogosphere. You can visit her site at

1. What was your inspiration to start blogging?

Technology classes at school in which we were taught how to set up and run our own blog or website was what inspired me to start blogging. While A Happy Little Bookworm wasn’t the site that I originally created, these lessons did spark my interest in blogging and lead me to eventually create my current blog site.  

2. What message do you hope to share through your blog?

I hope to share my love of books and reading through my blog and hope that my posts will inspire others to pick up a book, whether it’s one of the books that I’ve written about or another book that they’ve found.

3. What do you like about blogging?

What I love about blogging is that it allows me to engage in a community of bloggers that I otherwise would never have found. Moreover, I love the feeling of accomplishment that I get whenever I release a new post, the feeling of pride that I get when someone leaves me a nice comment or simply likes my post. There are so many reasons why I like blogging, and I guess that’s why I continue doing it.

4. What do you want to be when you grow up? What are your dreams for the future?

A hard question, and one that seems to be thrown around rather frequently, especially as you get older. I’ve certainly said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again, I honestly don’t know what the future holds for me. Sure, I have a few ideas; perhaps I’ll become an author? A journalist? A medical scientist? An immunologist? At the moment, however, I’m pretty happy right here in the present.

5. If you could change one thing about our world, what would it be?

An incredibly open-ended question and one that took me a while to answer. After some deliberation, the thing that I would most like to change in our world is children’s access to education. It’s an incredibly broad and complex issue, yet none the less, an important one and certainly one that needs 
to be changed.

6. What is your favourite hobby?

My favourite hobby? Why, reading books, of course! As you would imagine, coming from someone who runs a book blog, reading books is a favourite hobby of mine. Other hobbies I enjoy include knitting, sewing, baking, writing and playing sport, specifically hockey and surf life saving.

7. What have been your highlights of 2017?

2017 has been a good year for me and there are many highlights that I could list. Some of these include; sporting achievements (in both hockey and surf life saving), academic achievements and, of course, blogging highlights, specifically the decision to start blogging again after a long break spanning from December 2016 to September this year. 

It has been great to hear your answers Mia! Be sure to go check out her awesome blog, (The link is above).

~Fizzy~ xo

Monday, 4 December 2017

Allow me to interview you...

Hi everyone. I have decided that it would be fun to interview some of you awesome bloggers out there and post your answers on my blog. Here are the questions...

Before you answer the questions feel free to write a small paragraph about yourself including any extra information. 

1. What was your inspiration to start blogging?

2. What message do you hope to share through your blog?

3. What do you like about blogging?

4. What do you wan't to be when you grow up?What are your dreams for the future?

5. If you could change one thing about our world what would it be?

6. What is your favourite hobby?

7. What have been your highlights of 2017?

So there are the questions. If you want to complete the survey copy and paste the questions into and email and and answer them underneath then send it to . When I receive your answers I will publish them on my blog with a link to your blog and your preferred name. If there is anything you want me to leave out or anything extra you want me to say about you, let me know.

Can't wait to hear from you!

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Misfit By High Dive Heart

Hello! Happy Holidays. Today I want to share a song with you. It is called 'Misfit' by High Dive Heart. The song portrays a really important message, it is kind of like the message my blog shares. It is about not caring about being a misfit and being yourself. I also like it because it is very empowering if you are experiencing bullying or feeling like you don't fit in. You absolutely must listen to it. Check out the video below.

This song provides an important message that everyone ought to listen to. Please feel free to comment below with your thoughts on it. 


Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Are You OK?

Hi Everybody. Recently Australia had R U OK? day. It is about asking your friends and people you are close to if they are OK. Sometimes you feel depressed, anxious and sometimes like you just want to give up. The most important thing that I can't stress enough to you is that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. It is commons for lots of teens to feel like this...
Around one in 35 young Australians aged 4-17 experience a depressive disorder. 
One in fourteen young Australians (6.9%) aged 4-17 experienced an anxiety disorder in 2015. This is equivalent to approximately 278,000 young people.

Even though you feel like you are trapped and no one can help you, that is not true. If you feel like this at anytime you must must must ask for help because it only gets worse when you feel isolated and alone. There are many places you can go to for help. Your parents are people that really care about you and they are prepared to give you the support you need. You can also talk to people you are close to like grandparents, aunts, uncles and older siblings. If there are no family members you can talk to then there are other options such as teachers and psychologists. In Australia the number for Kids Helpline is 1800 551 800. If there is a kids helpline for your country then find out what it is because it is a great way to get your feelings out get some helpful advice.

To sum up, the people you love are always there for you no matter what. Everyone goes through tough times and it is important to talk to someone if you are struggling. If you notice that one of your friends is not themselves lately then my piece of advice to you is to ask them if they are ok. Tell them that you care about them and that you are there to support them through anything. 

For Extra Information visit: The R U OK website and Beyond Blue


Sunday, 17 September 2017

Five Reasons Why Isis Holt is My Idol

Hey Guys I am back. This is definitely a record time for absence but I am now on school holidays.

As you may remember, Isis Holt is my idol and I am constantly inspired by her. In the time I have been away from this blog, she has competed in the IAAF world Para Athletics Championships in London. I was so excited when I heard she would be competing because as I said I love love love watching her and her fellow competitors, and I knew she could win this time. You may be curious as to why I find her so inspiring so I thought I'd share my top five reasons...

1. She persists. Although she had been in hospital a few weeks before her 200 metre race she then went on to win it. Not even just that, she is always trying her hardest.

2. She is humble, she doesn't tell everyone she is great (event though she is!)

3. She is a good sport. After every race she congratulates all participants with a handshake and a MASSIVE smile.

4. Nothing limits her. Even with cerebral palsy she still is a world champion.

5. She is a kind hearted person who seems to support everyone. Not only does she congratulate her competitors after every race, but she also seems to be kind in other ways. She even contacted me once after seeing my post about her on my blog to say thank you.

All of these qualities Isis has are important in being a good person and I hope you can learn from this AMAZING role model. It's always helpful to have a role model in life. I'd love to hear who yours are if you'd like to comment below.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Be sure to stay tuned for more posts.