Monday, 5 December 2016

I Heart Nature

Nature is all around us. We are nature. What you eat for dinner is nature. That stone you pick up on a bush walk and take home is nature. The weather is nature. The water we drink when we are thirsty is part of nature. That flower you pick on the way to school is nature. The air we breath is nature. If nature is all around us and we rely on it to survive why do we treat it badly? Why do we treat it like it is something we will always have? If we don't care about water and leave the tap running we will eventually run out. Trees help us to breath and keep the air clean. What happens when they are chopped down by greedy people. We take nature for granted. We act like it always will be there. If we don't conserve it and save it, it will run out and you will have wished you didn't think leaving your tap running, or throwing rubbish on the ground was okay.

Sorry about the lack of recent posts, I've been busy with exams but luckily I'm now on summer holidays. Thanks for reading my post I hope it made you think because it is often something us humans forget about.


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  1. Hi Fizzy
    Check out your comments on the guest blog you wrote for me. You've got quite a few.