Monday, 21 November 2016

I am Back! (and what I've been up to)

Hey guys! I am back and geez it has been a while. I apologise for my terrible lack of blog posts and Instagram pics. I will now explain why I have been away soooooo long...

First of all school work, The school work is ridiculous. I have huge assignments with just one week to complete them. My school finishes next week and I am so excited.  Are you excited for Christmas? I know I can't wait. Some of you may not be finishing school and some of you may be going into winter so I will stop bragging. I will be sure to post more updates on that.

Second of all: Athletics. Quite a lot of athletics. I have had to miss it the past week because of school work. I love athletics or track and field as some of you may call it. I mostly like the running though like 100m, 70m (sadly this event doesn't exist in the Olympics) and 200m. I also like triple jump and discus. I have been doing athletics since last year. I started athletics at my local Little Athletics club. One of my big inspirations for athletics track especially is Isis Holt. Some of you may not know who Isis Holt is. She is a 15 year old Australian Paralympic Athlete who has Cerebral Palsy, Cerebral palsy is a condition that effects muscle coordination. Imagine running! Isis Holt is extremely fast and Smashed two world records at the 2015 IPC Athletics World Championships in Doha and recently ran in the Rio 2016 Paralympics and won silver in both of her events. 

Anyway you may be wondering why I am writing this? I am writing this because my biggest ambition in life it to be like Isis. Although that will never happen all I can do is dream. As I mentioned before I have only started competitive athletics last year, although I have enjoyed running since I started primary school. Back in the younger grades at sports days I didn't really know what was happening. We only had about a 60 metre track and we just ran. It wasn't until grade five that I really noticed how much I liked running. That year we ran on an actual 100 and 200 metre track. It was a blast! I won both of my events 100m and 200m. Year six was not much success. It was wet and rainy and I don't run well on wet grass tracks. :(  For those who want the present, a couple of weeks ago I competed in the Met North regional relay competition. Now the funny thing with this is... I ran with under 14 girls in the 4 by 100 so yes, girls a whole year older than me. I was really scared at first. I thought I had no chance at all whatsoever. So as I stood at that start line inside my head going "well here goes nothing." And then my memory of Isis popped up. I thought about her victory... 'set' I can do this I thought, I really can... 'bang!' I just ran my hardest, and we came third as a team. So we are off to the State relays competition now. That is if all of us can make it of course. Anyway I hope you enjoyed reading this. Who is an inspiration for you? Write your answer in the comments below. I promise to post more often now. Bye Bye!



  1. That was really good my inspiration is Megan betsa she is on the Michigan softball team and she I a pitcher just like me she is the best in my state and I really look up to her I hope one day I will be the best like her !!!

    1. She is cool, follow your dreams and maybe one day you will be like her.