Sunday, 21 August 2016

The Importance of Nature

Hi again. Today I am lazing in the afternoon sun gazing up at the sky, watching the clouds form their shape over and over again. It is nice to feel nature around me. I can hear the wind rustle the trees and the buzzing bees. The blue sky makes me feel cool and calm and the ground beneath me feels solid and still, like nothing is moving, but the sky feels full of energy. Of course that is an illusion because the ground is also full of life and movement of all kinds imaginable. Ants, worms, bugs and simply the grass growing its own way.


The environment is so magnificent yet... it won't be magnificent forever if we don't stop to think of how we can take care of it. We need to stop burning fossil fuels, take care of our water supply and consider using less rather than always wanting more, more more.



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    1. Hi Isabel,
      Thanks so much for reading my blog. I enjoyed reading yours too, it is really cool. Sorry I have not been able to reply straight away, I am in exam and assignment time at school and have been very busy.

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